Hi folks:

Re the NYS Regents - the summary of this discussion and my research and
experience confirm that the answer is "it depends".  There are varying levels
of Regents exams from Math Sequential 1 (9th grade) through those that
standardized passing of advanced level courses such as Physics and advanced

The format has changed significantly over the years from primarily fact based
multiple choice with some essays to a testing format that is supposed to
measure the student's understanding and demonstration of this understanding
in a practical manner.  For example, my daughter did a month long river edge
(Hudson) cleanup and observation for 15 points maximum of her Earth Science
Regents, and then submitted a portfolio of her year's work for additional
credit before sitting for the formal part of the exam.  At all levels, Math
preparation is moving toward word problems and explaining why you did
something.  The new exams are a reflection not only of test competence but of
the new pedagogy and are attempt at respecting diverse learning styles.

By the way, we use Regents course scores in conjunction with SATs and our own
placement exam results to determine initial course placement at this NYS

Peggy Brady-Amoon
Executive Director
Office of Academic Services
St. Thomas Aquinas College
Sparkill, NY 10976-1050