I remember that years ago one student with cerebral palsy did receive an associate degree in early childhood from SCC.  She ran into problems when children with whom she worked could not understand her speech, causing a major communication problem.  Needless to say, she did not continue in the field.
   However, more recently, I have seen a few students with cerebral palsy enter the field of computers and succeed.
   Best wishes to her, whatever career she pursues!

>>> Nancy Smith <[log in to unmask]> 11/29 5:28 PM >>>
I am writing in behalf of a student with cerebral palsy.  She has a
motorized chair for mobility and uses crutches when necessary.  She has
limited peripheral vision.  She has progressed through our elementary
education program to the place where she is trying to meet the academic
standards this semester to student teach.

She is in the field one day a week this semester and has found it very
taxing.  She is trying to  decide to go for the education degree without
certification.  Her mother believes she needs the certification to be
employable.  The mother wants to know if any schools have placed a student
teacher in the field and how it was accomplished.

If you have insights or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing your wisdom
and experience.  Thank you.

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