Dear LRNASST Colleagues,

I ask for your help so that I and my colleagues at the College of the Holy Cross can learn more about an issue we are currently seeing in greater frequency.  (Holy Cross is a  Jesuit and Catholic, predominantly white liberal arts school in Worcester, MA).

Would anyone who has experience working with Latino students from disadvantaged high schools please contact me off-list?  I am particularly seeking some advice on how best to provide support services to Latino students who are avoiding the very Latino faculty who most want to help them succeed (and who are also very demanding teachers).  The students know the faculty well from our summer bridge program but these young men seem absolutely convinced that they cannot submit their work or they will be "discovered" as "stupid".  I know they're not stupid but don't know how best to help them accept help!

Thanks very much, in advance.


Christina Bi Chen ([log in to unmask])
Director of Academic Services & Learning Resources
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