When you have your business cards reprinted, consider printing on it your email address, your learning center web address, and this web address: http://www.pvc.maricopa.edu/winterinstitute/
Why the last one? If you are a learning center administrator or staff member, this is your web site devoted exclusively to learning support centers in higher education. Here you will find management, research, program, and training resources focused on your needs as a learning center professional.
Printing web addresses on your business card will give you increased professional visibility and recognition as you exchange cards with other academicians and with exhibitors, publishers, and other vendors.
[log in to unmask]        "...what we need at this point in human
Frank L Christ                   evolution is to learn what it takes to learn
Emeritus, CSULB              what we should learn -- and learn it."
Visiting Scholar, U of AZ    ... Aurelius Peccei, Pres/Club of Rome
LSC & WI Web site:    http://www.pvc.maricopa.edu/winterinstitute/