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"PY Distribution"
"PY Distribution"





"APA Division 20 Discussion List"
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This email-list psyaging-l was requested on Mon May 15 13:22:52 EDT.
Discussion Group for Psychology and the Arts
Discussion Group for Psychology and the Arts
Pi Mu Epsilon
Pi Mu Epsilon
Preprofessional Service Organization
Preprofessional Service Organization
Promise 2019 Student Group
Promise 2019 Student Group
Promise 2020 Student Group
Promise 2020 Student Group
PSO Health Division
PSO Health Division
PSO Medical Phase I
PSO Medical Phase I
"Philosophy Majors"
These two lines make a listserv visible on the archived lists page:

List created per Eric Burton on 8/18/2005. This is an automatically
updated list.
"Physics Majors"
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List created per Eric Burton on 8/18/2005. This is an automatically
updated list.
"Psychology Majors 1-3"
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List created per Eric Burton on 8/18/2005. This is an automatically
updated list.
"Psychology Seniors"
These two lines make a listserv visible on the archived lists page:

List created per Eric Burton on 8/18/2005. This is an automatically
updated list.
Psychology On Line Program
These two lines make a listserv visible on the archived lists page:

List created per Sandy Williams on 7/29/2014. This is an automatically
updated list.
Poets Inc
This email-list poetsinc-l was requested on Mon Nov 7 16:49:36 EST 2011 by Mauro
Perez of University of Florida, phone 3057764431
"Political Science Discussion Listserv"
This email-list poldiscuss-l was requested on Mon Feb 18 17:50:48 EST 2002
by Mario Weber
of Dept. of Political Science, phone 352-375-0243
"Polish Student Association"
This email-list polska-l was requested on Tue Oct 5 13:10:34 EDT 2004
by Ewa Wampuszyc
of Polish Student Association, phone (352) 392 8902
Pre-Optometry Pupils
This email-list pop-l was requested on Thu Jun 8 13:19:36 EDT 2017
by Rita Huynh
of UF Pre-Optometry Pupils, phone 7272492127
"A list devoted to the study of popular culture"
This email-list popculture-l was requested on Fri Jan 29 13:22:12 EST
"Gator Powerlifting"
This email-list powerlift-l was requested on Mon Nov 14 10:46:25 EST 2005
by Ryan Hall, bad-add powerlifting mofo
of Gator Powerlifting Club, phone 352-219-8677
Pre-Physician Assistant Association PPAA
This email-list ppaa-l was requested on Thu Jan 21 14:21:07 EST 2010 by Jaina
Morar of Pre-Physician Assistant Association, phone
"PrePharmacy Society at UF"
This email-list pps-l was requested on Tue Oct 7 17:36:39 EDT 2003
by Zubila Shafiq
of The PrePharmacy Society at UF, phone 870-6565
"PrePharmd Students"
This email-list prepharmd-l was requested on Wed Sep 2 10:00:49 EDT 1998
by "Stephanie Alexander"
of College of Pharmacy, phone 3294368
Psycholinguistics Reading Group
This email-list prg-l was requested on Sat Jul 11 14:32:43 EDT 2015
by Jorge Valdes Kroff
of University of Florida, SPS, phone 3522733744
This email-list privacy-gdpr-l was requested on Fri May 11 10:27:54 EDT 2018
by Lisa Van Nocker
of UF Privacy Office, phone 3522948720
"ACM Programming Team"
This email-list programmingteam-l was requested on Mon Nov 7 20:50:42 EST 2005
by James C. Jones
of UF, Computer Science, ACM, phone 256-250-8074
This email-list projecthaitiufl-l was requested on Thu Nov 30 10:04:12 EST 2017
by Victoria Bouillon
of Project Haiti UFL, phone 9546571935
National Purchasing Directors Pro Leadership
This email-list proleadership-l was requested on Fri Feb 12 17:43:07 EST 2010
by Joe Gasper of UF Finance and Accounting, phone 2-1321
"Public Relations Student Society of America"
This email-list prssa-l was requested on Mon Sep 28 10:19:59 EDT 1998
by "Lewis Clark, Jr"
of University of Florida Public Relations, phone 336-1742
PeopleSoft Student Financials
This email-list ps-studfin-l was requested on Thu Oct 9 08:15:32 EDT 2008
by Crystal Hall
of University Financial Services, phone 392-0779
"Program/ Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine"
This email-list pscbrm-l was requested on Mon Oct 15 10:46:29 EDT 2007
by Gary Brown
of MBI/ Regenerative Medicine, phone 392-3052
Pride Student Union List-Serv
This email-list psu-l was requested on Wed Sep 5 22:49:26 EDT 2012 by Bridget
Siegel of Pride Student Union, University of Flori, phone
Open Discussion of Psychology & Counseling Issues
This email-list psy-discuss-l was requested on Sun Apr 2 22:19:32 EDT 2006
by Brian Mistler
of Department of Counseling Psychology, phone 352-376-9680
"PsyArt Founders"
This email-list psyartfdn-l was requested on Tue Mar 29 08:20:54 EST 2005
by Norman Holland
of English Dept. / Univ. Florida, phone (352) 377-0096
Psychiatry Newsletters
This email-list psychiatry-l was requested on Thu May 28 11:18:47
EDT 2009
by Erika Tompkins
of University Florida Dept of Psychiatry , phone 352.265.7981
Public Ethics Gainesville (UF Intersections Group)
This email-list public-ethics-l was requested on Fri Jul 12 16:55:12 EDT 2019
by Sophia Acord
of UF Center for the Humanities, phone 3523920796
Python, ArcGIS Programming User Group
This email-list python-l was requested on Fri Dec 13 13:14:53 EST 2013 by Forrest
R. Stevens of University of Florida, Department of Geo, phone
QSE3 IGERT Spatial Colloquium
This email-list qse3-colloquium-l was requested on Fri Sep 11
10:20:39 EDT 2009
by Ben Bolker of UF Biology Dep't, phone
UF R Users List
This email-list r-users-l was requested on Thu Oct 2 10:24:54
EDT 2008
by Ben Bolker and is presently administered by Dan Maxwell
, phone: 352-294-1034
Rawlings Area Council
This email-list rac-l was requested on Thu Jun 9 00:13:04 EDT 2011 by Severin
Walstad of Inter-Residence Hall Association, phone
Radical About Christ
This email-list radicalaboutchrist-l was requested on Thu Oct 13 12:25:38 EDT 2011 by
Shanequa Conage of Radical About Christ, phone 904-294-3893
"UF Campus Radio Listserv"
This email-list radio-l was requested on Fri Oct 6 14:41:32 EDT 2000
by Andrew Storch
of University of Florida Campus Radio, phone 271-7956
UF Powershell Group
This email-list uf-powershell-group-l was requested
on Tue Jun 4 12:19:37 EDT 2013
by Clifford Richmond
of UF- Health Sciences Center Libraries, phone 352-273-8439
UF Psychology Club/Psi Chi
This is the Listserv for the University of Florida Psychology
Club/Psi Chi. To contact the Webmaster, please email
UF Printsmart Program
This list is intended for the discussion of issues relating to
the UF Printsmart Program, a program implemented to reduce
printing and printing costs at the University of Florida. Issues
may relate to configuration, deployment, usage, and reporting of
Printsmart devices.

Subscription is open to any UF person with a valid e-mail address
in a domain ending in Subscriptions will be reviewed
and permitted as appropriate by the list owners.

This email-list printsmart-l was requested on Fri Mar 27 11:49:04
EDT 2015
by Randy Switt
of UF ESSIE, phone 352-392-3533

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