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Research Advisory Group
This email-list rag-l was requested on Fri Jun 27 07:53:25 EDT 2008
by Michael Mahoney
of UF Research & Graduate Programs IRB, phone 846-1706
Host Committee of the ASABE Southeast Region Rally
This email-list rally15hostcom-l was requested on Wed Apr 9 15:34:18 EDT 2014 by
Richard Scholtz of UF Ag & Bio Engineering, phone 392-1864 x107
Ralstonia/ Bacterial wilt website update notification
This email-list ralstonia-l was requested on Wed Oct 8 11:54:48 EDT 2008
by champoiseau
of University of Florida, Plant Pathology, phone 3523923631
This email-list rbcpro-l was requested on Thu Sep 5 12:46:58 EDT 2019
by Thaddeus Suggs
of University of Florida, phone 3522738126
RCP Movement
This email-list rcpmovement-l was requested
on Mon Aug 24 15:29:34 EDT 2009 by Jessica
Anderson of RCP Movement,
phone 954-756-1649
RCR on Campus
This email-list rcr-on-campus-l was requested on Wed Jul 31 09:44:08 EDT 2019
by H. Robert Kolb RN, MS, CC
of UF CTSI , phone 352 273 8882
"Reading and learners"
"Reading and learners"
Red Cross Gators
This email-list redcrossgators-l was requested on Fri Dec 5 01:22:20 EST 2008
by Bryon Buzzi
of Red Cross Gators, phone 772-214-0748
Registrar Help
This email-list registrarhelp-l was requested on Thu Jan 7 15:27:31 EST 2016
by Alescia Brown
of Office of the University Registrar, phone 352-294-2951
Dr. Reilly's Lab Email
This email-list reillylab-l was requested on Wed Apr 23 09:29:50 EDT 2008
by David Biun
of University of Florida, PHHP, phone 2735114

UF ReproducibiliTea Journal Club
UF ReproducibiliTea Journal Club
Research Development Lab
This email-list researchdevlab-l was requested on Thu Sep 3 08:44:28 EDT 2020
by Yulia ALevites Strekalova requester_email=
of University of Florida CTSI, phone 3522346999
"Council on Research & Scholarship"
This email-list researchscholarship-l was requested on Thu Aug 12 10:41:34 EDT 2004
by Christie Hennigan
of Faculty Senate, phone 352/392-9019
Office of Research - Time and Labor Reminders
This email-list restimelabor-l was requested on Wed Jan 18
16:03:58 EST 2017
by Casiano,Jason
of Office of Research, UF, phone 352-2730280
UF Investment Services
UF Investment Services
UF Video
This email-list revideo-l was requested on Tue Jul 2 10:32:15 EDT 2013 by Joe
Nicholson of UF AT CITT, phone 352-273-4913


"Rosemary Hill Observatory information"
This email-list rhoinfo-l was requested on Sat Mar 28 15:18:57 EST 1998
by "John Oliver"
of UF Astronomy, phone 352 392-2009

Rhonda's second test list
This email-list rubentertainment-l was requested on Tue
Jul 14 15:41:44 EDT 2009 by Stephanie Coyle
of University of Florida,
Reitz Union, phone 352-392-1671
"SIP Risk Management Publication"
This email-list rmlp-sip-l was requested on Wed Sep 15 11:50:12
EDT 2004
by Janet Rebstock
of Self-Insurance Programs, phone 273-7006

Updated quarterly - March 25, 2014
Research Professionals Association
This email-list rpa-l was requested on Fri Jun 14 13:34:14 EDT 2019
by Rachel Wilkes
of Research Professionals Association, phone 3522944507
RPN Providers
This email-list rpnproviders-l was requested on Mon Jul 6 13:46:34 EDT 2020
by Whitney Spellicy requester_email=
of UF Regional Physician Network, phone 352-733-0485
"Reitz Union Board"
This email-list rub-l was requested on Mon Oct 15 23:51:57 EDT 2001
by Piao Sam
of Reitz Union Board, UF, phone (352) 846-7571


This email-list saacurh2007-l was requested on Sun Feb 4 16:57:10 EST
2007 by Danielle Vitale of SAACURH 2007 (IRHA), phone 846-6910
"DOCoM Safety Net Group"
This list safetynetgrp-l was requested on Mon Feb 4 14:01:13 EST 2013
Managed by Sherice Stewart w backup by CoM List Mgt team (
UF Sakai Users List
This email-list sakai-users-l was requested on Mon May 17 15:59:40 EDT 2010 by
Douglas Johnson of Academic Technology, phone
Saltwater Anglers Club Listserv
"Saltwater Anglers Club listserv"

This email-list sac-l was requested on Thu Feb 24 20:19:59 EST 2011
by James Welch
of Saltwater Angler's Club, UF, phone 863-712-0224
"South Asian Student Alliance"
South Asian Student Alliance is dedicated to uniting groups across the asian continent
under one group at the University of Florida
This email-list sassweb-l was requested on Mon Apr 10 16:11:07 EDT 2000
by Karan Schwartz
of Academic Affairs, phone 846-1761
"UF Satellite Administrators"
This email-list satellite-admin-l was requested on Thu Feb 10 10:20:50 EST 2011
by Phillip Padgett
of UF CNS ERP Infrastructure, phone 352-273-1605
"Social and Behavioral Sciences"
This email-list sbs-faculty-l was requested on Sun Oct 28 23:23:18 EDT
2007 by Hana Filip
of University of Florida, phone 352 692 4316
Special Collections and Archives Interest Group
This email-list sca-l was requested on Mon Mar 18 13:02:02 EDT 2013 by Rich
Bennett of UF George A. Smathers Libraries, phone 352-
Southeastern Coastal Center for Ag Health & Safety
Welcome to the SCCAHS email list.

The Southeastern Coastal Center for Agricultural Health and Safety
(SCCAHS) explores and addresses the occupational safety and health of
people working in agriculture, fishing, and forestry in the southern and
coastal states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina,
South Carolina, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

To find out more information about the Southeastern Coastal Center for
Agricultural Health and Safety, visit the project’s website at .

Bienvenidos a lista lista de correo electrónico de SCCAHS.

El Centro Costero del Sudeste para la Salud y Seguridad en la Agricultura
(SCCAHS por sus siglas en inglés) se enfoca en seguridad y salud
ocupacional en agricultura, pesca y forestal en Alabama, Carolina del Norte,
Carolina del Sur, Florida, Georgia, Misisipi y las Islas Vírgenes

La Universidad de Florida es la institución que lidera este Centro, en
conjunto con la Universidad del Sur de Florida (USF), Universidad del Estado
de Florida (FSU), Universidad Agrónoma y Mecánica de Florida (FAMU),
Universidad Emory y la Universidad de las Islas Vírgenes. Estas
universidades están trabajando juntas en una red interdisciplinaria de
proyectos educativos y de investigación diseñados para promover la
seguridad y la salud ocupacional en las 240,000 granjas agrícolas ubicadas
en el área de influencia del centro, sus operarios, familias, empleados y
contratistas, así como también aquellos en industrias pesqueras y forestales.
System Center Configuration Manager
This email-list sccm-l was requested on Fri Dec 10 09:19:25 EST 2010 by Erik
Schmidt of CNS, phone 273-1445
Speech Minors
These two lines make a listserv visible on the archived lists page:

List created per Eric Burton on 8/18/2005. This is an automatically
updated list.
Schaller Lab
This email-list schallerlab-l was requested on Thu Jun 13 11:55:55 EDT 2019
by Zadia Dupee
of UF MD-Pulmonary Medicine, phone 3522739877

School Psych
This email-list schoolpsych-l was requested on Tue Oct 7 10:48:24 EDT 2008
by Linda Parsons
of UF School Psychology, phone 392-0701 x 300




UF Sculpture Club Student Organization
This email-list sculptclub-l was requested on Sun Nov 3 13:59:38 EST 2019
by Mimi Diep
of Sculpture Club, phone 561-212-9266
"Florida Association of MIS - District Contacts"
This e-list SDCCMIS-L is maintained by FAMIS
"FAMIS - Associate Membership"
This email-list sdccmisinfo-l is maintained
by FAMIS -

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